Happy Birthday, Nigella!—Commentary, January 6, 2017

As the first week of the year draws to a close, I have much to report.

First up, January 6 is the birthday of Nigella Lawson, television personality, food writer, gourmet, and the source of this super-awesome Clementine Cake recipe. I’ve made it a few times, and it’s always had rave reviews. While it can be hard to find the almond flour, this cake is A-1 recommended, and I can provide written references for its goodness. A bonus for office parties: it just so happens to be gluten-free, so no one can (or will!) say no.

#Make52 started this week, a challenge to make something and share it every week of 2017. I’m looking forward to trying this challenge because of the weekly objective. While I engage in making nearly every day between work and home and hobbies, much of what I make, especially when knitting or home improvement is involved, takes more than a week of work. This challenge will help me to identify and be conscious of smaller bits of making or to take on smaller projects with a shorter time frame or to just try new things. It will also get me to document these projects more, and share my smaller, everyday bits of making, which is part of why I started keeping a blog. I’ve scheduled some time tomorrow to work on my first #Make52 project, so look for more about it over the weekend!

I love the work the Exploritorium does to make museums more interactive and what their Tinkering Studio does for making and as a leader of makerspaces in informal learning settings like museums and libraries, so this article on using humor and whimsey as portals to making caught my eye. I love when makerspaces and makers don’t take themselves too seriously, because it really lowers the intimidation factor for new makers who might be bewildered by all this whiz-bang stuff they just haven’t encountered. Also, this article uses the word “snarkasm,” which I realize is a great word for me and I will be keeping it in my pocket for future use.

What I’m

reading: The Design of Everyday Things (previously published as The Psychology of Everyday Things) by Don Norman (WorldCat) (Amazon) (IndieBound) and The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Eric Knutzen (WorldCat) (Amazon) (IndieBound)

knitting: I’m participating in the Exquisite Mystery Knit-Along! I’m already behind (as I usually am with knit-alongs), so I’m planning to knit a lot this weekend to catch up before the week 2 clue is released. It’s a bit complicated, so I’m only working on it at home when I can really concentrate on it. When I’m not able to concentrate, like on the bus or in lines, I’m working on my 100x Simple Cowl.

listening to: The Baby-Sitters Club Club podcast. My elementary school self is loving revisiting these books I read so many times, and AP English me is enjoying the waaaay too deep literary analysis that Jack and Tanner bring to the teenybopper novels. I’m catching up on the backlog of episodes, and I am listening to Episode 33: Kristy and the Secret of Susan as I write. I have a soft spot for this book, which features an autistic charge and was, when I originally read it, the first encounter I had with a hug machine.

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